Technical and hidden debts in machine learning – Google engineers’ give their perspective

Google Data Engineers shares their experience of building and maintaining machine learning systems. With a huge volume of data, dealing with multiple models and running and training models on a wide array of datasets, maintaining a system can become a daunting task. In a paper, Google engineers have pointed out the various costs of maintaining […]

Machine learning is about to transform these industries

May be its not only Oil and Gas, but ML & Data Science technique are also poised to transform all industries. Its only about time and use cases for people to come up with. TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson asks Schneider Electric Chief Digital Officer Herve Coureil about how machine learning will transform industries. The following is […]

Want to be a data engineer? Here’s what you need to know

Data Engineering is one of the hotting job profile, there seems to be ton of opportunities in area of Data Science. Check out this wonderful advice on being data engineer by Ben Chamberlain (Lead Data Scientist, ASOS) Advice Ben Chamberlain, lead data scientist, ASOS. Image: ASOS ASOS’s lead data scientist, Ben Chamberlain, shares his advice […]

Architecture for Machine Learning Applications at the Edge

As applications get advanced features with help of AI and Machine Learning, there seems to be some concerns around how data is process and stored, who has access to data and concerns around privacy. On the other hand, things like Google Photos which they claim to have more accurate face recognition than even humans, its […]

10 European startups protecting us from fake news and data privacy breaches

With everyone getting connected and constent urge of staying up to date with information has a downside as well. The application and data connectivity ecosystem which has made world a tiny place and everconnected has also created concerns due to fake news, spreading rumors and propagating political agenda and promoting violence. This is something that […]

Can machine learning save you from scammers?

Can machine learning save you from scammers? As Machine Learning techniques advances, there seems to be more and more use cases to improve user experiece, safety and security. Major companies like Google as already applied ML techniques to identify phising, Payment gateway providers use similiar techniques to identify scam transactions. Given realtime access to data, […]

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